My passion for writing has seen it's loose ended days through journaling, poetry, and short stories in college. But I'll never forget the day my friend taught me those powerful three basic chords and I connected to the utmost intoxicating feeling in the power of lyrics and music. As Willie Nelson said, "All you need is three chords and the truth."  I later sat in my tiny Albuquerque, New Mexico desert adobe studio apartment, swamp cooler running, and strummed the ol' familiar "C chord" while whispering the words "My Heart is Breakin'" and I haven't looked back.   

If you've ever sat around a campfire with me, sat across the table and chatted over coffee, or next to me on a bar stool, you know I am a storyteller of travels, friends, family, situations, laughter, and heartache.  Well I am now bringing my stories to life through song with lyrics we can all relate to.

I have been a working musician chasing my dream for about 6 years now trying different dynamics from working at a record label, playing bass for a Montana based singer songwriter, playing rhythm guitar in my first band meanwhile writing songs and managing, recording efforts of two previous EPs including "Chasing Down the Sun" and "Hey Love, Hold On" to finally settling in as a self-titled lead singer rhythm guitar player who manages to wrap her life around a dream she is committed to.  I have had the biggest support from family and friends, not to mention the network of musicians and folks in the industry who continue working with me to help curate my dream.  I would not have made it this far without their loyalty.

But the greatest effort I've accomplished has been learning to believe in myself to keep going, to try new paths, stay positive when in doubt, and stay true to my belief in what I am doing.  I hope to continue inspiring people to reach for their dreams or goals.  This album is solely based on transition and movement through tough times and the efforts of letting go and moving forward.


All songs written by Terri Lynn

Co-writer for Tulsa / Matt Strachan

Co-writer for Lightin’ Yer Cigarette / Caitlyn Anne Webster

Chasin’ Parked Cars EP Performances Include:

Lead Vocals / Terri Lynn

Back Up Vocals/ Michele Linn

Lead Electric/Nick Champeau

Organ / Electric Guitar / Ryan Oxford

Rhythm Guitar / Jacob Miller

Pedal Steel/Tucker Jackson 

Drums / Ben Nugent

Bass/Andrew Jones



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Interview Link with Riveting Riffs Magazine Publisher Joe Montague

Chasing Parked Cars a new album from Portland, Oregon’s Terri Lynn Davis scheduled for release on February 15th on the eve of her national tour may be the best album that you hear by a still relatively new artist in 2019. Consisting of five songs, which we suppose many would refer to as an EP, but here at Riveting Riffs Magazine we do not make a distinction, it boasts a collection of finely crafted original songs and superb musicians. While the album is more Country than it is of any other genre the best song on Chasing Parked Cars is “Times Past,” which merges pedal steel guitar and electric guitars with fabulous vocals that remind one of Stevie Nicks. The melody also suggests, but in no way copies Fleetwood Mac.

Terri Lynn Davis wrote the song “Times Past,” which showcases her fabulous vocals, surprisingly so, because she had very limited formal vocal instruction earlier in life. Yet, those amazing vocals were also evident on a previously recorded album with, “Montana Love Song.” Davis is also an amazing songwriter and “Times Past,” paints word pictures, “river of time,” and the desire to slow everything down “be still my mind.” The gentle melody is matched by lyrics such as “floating down the river with you.” You watch a story unfold of two people the first time they met with the sun glistening on their skin and with their toes in the sand. Musicians of note on “Times Past,” are Tucker Jackson on pedal steel, lead guitarist Nick Champeau and rhythm guitarist Jacob Miller. Ben Nugent keeps time on drums.

Terri Lynn Davis gives credit to her producer Ryan Oxford for assembling the fine cast of musicians for Chasing Parked Cars, which also includes Andrew Jones on bass guitar. Michele Linn who appears as a background vocalist as performed with Terri Lynn Davis for several years.   ….to continue follow link above

That Much Further West Podcast Interview, December 2018

Link to hear Live Samples and Interview:

There’s something about the expansive landscapes of the western United States — big skies, mountain passes, open roads — that tug at our sense of adventure, prying us loose from the big city, pushing us to explore the vast country on the horizon. It’s a feeling that seems to flow through the music of Terri Lynn Davis, and for good reason.

She’s bounced around the West for a number of years since uprooting from her native New Mexico, finally settling in our home base of Portland, OR, USA. It’s here that she’s mingled among the burgeoning country music scene, making connections and impressing with her singing and songwriting chops.

Terri Lynn Davis, performing live at Landmark Saloon. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

We were thrilled to rope the always energetic Terri Lynn into our world for Episode #91 of That Much Further West Podcast, recorded live at Landmark Saloon in SE Portland. On the show, she talks about moving around the western states after graduating from college, eventually picking up the guitar to start writing and performing in Montana. She speaks about finding her place the local country scene, and some of the artists — such as Jaime Wyatt and Alice Wallace — who inspire her by their hard work and dedication.

She also shares a few live performances of songs from her “Hey Love, Hold On” EP, which she recorded in Portland about two years back. Recently, Terri Lynn has been in the studio recording new songs and also performing locally, but the road is always calling. She’ll be undertaking a long trip that will take her through the wilds of Texas in the early part of 2019, so be sure to keep an eye out for her.

In the meantime, enjoy this latest bit of fun — here’s the playlist for Episode #91.

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Montana Love Song, Terri Lynn Davis
Little Grace (Live at Landmark Saloon), Terri Lynn Davis
Lightin’ Your Cigarette (Live at Landmark Saloon), Terri Lynn Davis
Hey Love, Hold On (Live at Landmark Saloon), Terri Lynn Davis

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Review: Yonder Blue – ‘Hey Love, Hold On’


 Stephanie Dore of Northwest Music Scene


Somewhere between tumbleweeds and the Pacific Ocean, there’s a wealth of bands taking aim at the alt-country genre, but with the March 2016 release of their debut EP Hey Love, Hold On, Portland’s Yonder Blue hits the bullseye.  continue reading....





Country music has long held a fascination for me – it seems so simple, to tell a story in song…but it’s harder than it looks (or sounds). The ingredients of a song: the lyrics, melody, harmonies, instrumentation, flow, and dynamics – they all tell a part of the story. When combined, the end result is dramatically more than the sum of the individual parts. Yonder Blue has really grasped the idea of honest and heartfelt storytelling in a way that is very appealing. Terri Lynn Davis and her band have thought through the stories from introduction to plot and conclusion.

continue reading....


terri  Lynn Davis  Hey Love.jpg

Hey Love, Hold On

by Terri Lynn Davis