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Melissa Najera

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As I wade through the muck and the mud into adulthood, I find myself more alive and youthful.  Tapping into the ever existence of self honesty and self love has helped me find my truth.  I’ve had many friends and family guiding me in my journey, but really I’ve forced myself to make the decisions I’ve made to go in the direction I’ve gone.  I’ve found these helpful guidelines in growing:

1)      Keep brutally honest people around you.

2)      Stay true to your honest truth; it’s your path stay on it.

3)      Keep a job you enjoy.

4)      Always have a creative outlet.

5)      Stay balanced.

6)      Reach out for help, take advice, and utilize when you can.

7)      There are always positive and negative aspects to every situation.  It’s up to you to see which version is your truth, both have benefits and both have repercussions.  There is no escaping, choose positive.

8)      Don’t be afraid to say no.

A few years ago when I began taking the path I wanted in life, instead of what was available by circumstance.  I reached out to my friend who is a Life Coach.  I had some major walls that I couldn’t face that kept me from going for my dreams.  Walls that were built by mistakes I’d made, poor decisions, and guilt.  I had been through many counseling sessions, numerous conversations with friends, anxiety ridden days and nights, and was basically wading around in a pull of heavy-hearted drab, all accompanied by the bottle of Whiskey (which has been a romantic relationship for quite some time).  I was a good person who made mistakes but couldn’t be happy or really put forth the effort to pursue what I wanted all along, music. 

Realizing I was going to have to put in some work through positive mantra’s was the most difficult aspect to programming my thoughts in a positive direction.  It was easy for me to identify and write out all my struggles and issues.  But translating them into a more positive thought process took me hours upon hours upon hours and is still something I struggle with.  I, for the life of me could not configure the idea.  My close personal friend gave me an example of manifesting what I wanted and saying it on a regular basis instead of hanging onto the damaged thoughts.  This was the beginning.  I still needed guidance.

My life coach Melissa Najera worked with me on a weekly basis.  Every Saturday morning we had a meeting remotely, as we haven’t lived in the same vicinity in years.  She gave me workbook sheets and steps to work through that were very clear and concise and simple, that surprisingly helped me evaluate my own deficiencies in growth.  The big difference I’ve found in working with a Life Coach is that they help identify the problem you are having, help you reprogram your thought process, and then guide you in applying it.  Counseling was amazing until I was sent out into the world unarmed and identifying my grief.  Melissa is exceptional.  She has been through various experiences in life and is very professionally personal.  If you are looking for some serious change in your life, that requires internal work, she’s your coach.  You can reach her on her website:


Overall, I’m a happier person with little fear of going for what I want.  Be fierce. Love hard. Be happy.