The Making of the Album "Hey Love, Hold On"

by Matthew Higgins

Calling in friends and favors, Matthew, Yonder Blue’s drummer and Producer of the album “Hey Love, Hold On” reached out to stand up and electric bassist, Paul Prato, from the Portland band Tin Silver.  Paul’s playing experience in the roots/country genre was a perfect fit for the rhythm section and also a connection to his Tin Silver band mates, Alan Bowen and Patricia Rojas.  Alan’s contribution to the project as a highly talented multi-instrumentalist string player include, banjo, dobro, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar.  Trish was enlisted to provide the melodic warm and signature fiddle playing that she is highly sought out locally for both studio and stage.  A decided effort to find authenticity in tone, style, and overall honky-tonk appeal in a lead electric guitar player proved to be a bit of a challenge.  Enter Portland musician, Andy MacMillan, former Stubborn Lover and current Outerspace Heater.  A shared bill with he and Terri a year or so earlier led to an invitation to the sessions.  He showed with a Telecaster, Fender Twin Reverb, and the clean tonal picking skills that completed the classic country vision to capture the spirit of the songs.  The final touch in elevating the project was to bring in Michele Linn and Katie Lou Ellen, for their vocal ability and keen sense of harmony in backing Terri Lynn.  Rehearsed and ready by the Fall of 2015, Terri Lynn’s decision to record with Kevin Hahn at Portland’s Opal Studio proved invaluable.  Kevin’s years of engineering experience, professionalism, and the studio’s positive energy allowed the group to work in a relaxed yet focused environment.