The Silent Band Member: Carl Johanesen - by Terri Lynn Davis


I say it time and time again; it takes a community to develop an artist.  Yes, we pine away hours of writing, conversing, arranging, disagreeing, and agreeing with ourselves until a song comes together, but bringing the whole concept together and then to present that concept and entertain is a whole different component.  Finding someone who can bring that effort to light and relieve one aspect of being an artist is truly appreciated.

I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to meet lots of talented individuals throughout my music journey including Carl Johanesen, a professional photographer, in Portland, Oregon.  Born native, he specializes in scenic photos, capturing the essence of his various scenic views.  His achievements can be calculated through his Instagram account: johanesenphotography, where his talent shines by combining insightful quotes directly and specifically chosen to each original individual photo. 

It’s rare to find someone who can capture a personal essence and bring it to life in photo, have fun and drink beer while doing it!  To be able to move from scenic views to capturing an artist’s soul, Carl has managed to achieve with little instruction.  He is one of the silent band members, who is necessary and completely underrated.   Other silent heroes include sound engineers, marketing teams, fitness instructors, life coaches, parents, friends (non-musical), and countless others involved in the making.  We depend on them to make us look good.  

You can find him on his website and Instagram account: