The Romance of Loving; The Vein of Country Music

Love is Simple….Connect with those things that fuel your passion…

What must you do before you die?  Where must you go?  What worlds must you conquer? Begin exploring today, small ways in which to honor your sacred yearning for romance.


Sarah Breathban describes romance as “…Created in a burst of passion, for romance.  So were you.  Plumb the female psyche and you will find an elegy of romantic remorse—the unobtained, the undone.  Melancholy fragments of unrequited loves that stretch from our cradles to our graves.  Regrets not necessarily caused by lovers who chose to live without us; so much as by recollections of the things we loved once but learned to live without.  It could be the novel you abandoned writing, the art fellowship in Paris you never pursued, the black velvet cape that finally found you at an antique stall but you passed up because, where would you wear it?...(everywhere)  The love you couldn’t return, the love that frightened you, the love that you were afraid to express.  The loving gesture that died in hesitation. The romance of loving that we let slip away every day because real life forces us into prudence.

When you acknowledge your romantic impulses, no matter how implausible or impractical, you strengthen the intimate connection with your authentic self, connection with those who cherish and love you unconditionally.  Connection with those things that fuel your passions, feed your soul, keep you alive.

Connect with those experiences around you and use them to your advantage.  Learning to love, be loved, to live without love are minor compared to telling the story in which they occurred.  It's all part of life.  When I read this excerpt, I knew exactly what she was talking about and it reminded me of why I became a song writer.  Sharing stories, whether mine or someone else, it allows me to feel like someone can relate to my experiences.  That is the most important aspect when writing a song; to connect.  Don't forget to connect to the romance of loving. Fall in love with something everyday; a coffee, a song, a lyric, a new path to will brighten your day.



Summer Camp Music Festival...Helena, Montana

Summer Camp Music Festival...Helena, Montana